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Who We Are

With the acquisition of key assets in diverse sectors of the tourism industry and a robust volume of business, Sakkara Hotels was incorporated as the umbrella enterprise for a distinctive group of companies each mastering a specific area of expertise and providing the best possible service to its client and partners.
We own and operate an expansive fleet of Nile cruise vessels, hotels & resorts. We have a time-honored 40 years of success in the Tourism industry, providing us with the skills and know-how in this field. Over the years, we have developed long-term customer relationships and maintain an impressive reputation for quality. In addition, we have a proven track record of enhancing and modernizing our products consistently to provide innovative offerings for our clients
Our approach is based on skillfully providing broad range of products and continued growth via innovative tourism ventures. While we share the treasures of Egypt’s civilization and its wonders with the world, we continue expanding to remain at the forefront of our industry - enhancing and diversifying our services, and establishing hubs around the globe.

Our Mission
Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best quality of service. Our extended businesses serve one another to ensure smoother operations and secure a premium level of service that meet with our highly set standards.
At Sakkara Hotels , we ensure the utmost employment of our resources to attend to our clients’ desires and preferences. We hire top professionals and utilize them in their areas of expertise to guarantee an efficient progress and a consistent professional atmosphere.

Our Vision
We aspire to expand around the globe and become one of the world leaders in the tourism and development business. Through our steady and continuous endeavors, we will satisfy our customers’ preferences and needs, walk that extra mile to exceed their expectations, gain their trust and loyalty, and become the partner of choice.